There are numerous different types of marble ranging from the pure white Carrara which was used in ancient marble sculptures to Tennessee marble which has a pink hue to it. Due to the cost of marble, many people opt to use cheaper materials such as granite, Travertine, Sandstone or Slate which can be less expensive than purchasing bulk or even wholesale marble. Below if a list of the most common types of marble:

• Carrara Marble – Pure white marble commonly used by the Greeks and Romans to design statues and fountains.

• Faux Marbling – Refers to the painting of a surface intended to look like marble. It is commonly used in buildings where costs are trying to be avoided.

• Paper Marbling – Another technique used to resemble true marble. Different color patterns are used together to give the material the look and feel of marble.

• Limestone – Usually either beige or tan, this type of marble usually forms at the bottom of a lake.

• Breccias – This type of marble is also called Breccia Oniciata or Breche Nouvelle and is caused by landslides or cave-ins. It is famous for its broken look.

• Green Marble – These are actually not real marbles, but are instead serpentinites. Although visually similar they are not real marble.

• Cultured Marble – This refers to when marble dust is combined with cement. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , , ,  - - - - - - -